CraftsmanAve is a maker space and a creative community based in Brooklyn.

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Introduction to Welding


Introduction to Metal Fabrication


Upcoming Workshops

Hands-on workshops at our Brooklyn studio.

Mind of a Maker

Artist profiles, diy tips, inspiration and stuff we find awesome.

How do you manage your time?

As a creative, your work is your life. Create a legacy and produce things that will move, motivate, and inspire the masses.

Adrenaline Rush

Do you live a life of adventure, creativity, and fun? Or do you live vicariously through the lives of others?

Jumpstart Your Career

Are you creating new habits and thought patterns? Are you trying new things in order to step outside of the box?

Mind of a Maker Event Recap

Were you kicking back drinking a cold one on our rooftop the evening of July 21st? If not, you’ll have to live vicariously through these photos.


Private and Corporate Events

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