Design & Build a Speaker


This class will be a overall introduction to the product design process.


Workshop Overview

This class will be a overall introduction to the product design process. Each student will design and build their own portable speaker using provided raw materials and speaker components.

Every object you use in your daily life was designed by someone. Now is your chance to learn the basics of how Industrial Designers and Product Designers start the design process. Most product designers are given a design brief about the product they are building. In our case it is natural material portable speaker. Then they collect the materials as specified and start the concept development. This involves doing drawings or simple models to convey their idea. From there they have to build a prototype model to test the idea.

What you will learn

This class will follow a similar plan. Each student will be provided with a few material options to choose from and the speaker components. We will cover how to do visual ideation and sketching; plus a overview of the machines and techniques we can use to create and build their idea. The students will then spend 20-40min sketching out their ideas and prototype plan. Once you have a idea in hand you will use the materials and create working prototype. By the end of the class you will have a beautiful natural material portable blue tooth speaker that you can use where ever you go.


About Peter

Peter Ragonetti graduated Pratt in 2004 with a BID. For 10 years Peter worked in Product Design, Development and Manufacturing. Then transitioned to a Design Director role. After a few years he set out to forge a entrepreneurial path founding PTR Design LLC in 2013 and co-founded of a few start-ups in emerging markets. Recently Peter began teaching a class in the Pratt Industrial Design Department where he guides I.D. seniors through launching their own crowdfunding campaign. The motto of PTR Design is “Design it, Refine it, Make it”



When and Where

When:   March 26, 6-9pm

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Where: CraftsmanAve Studio, 117B 11th street – Brooklyn, Gowanus.

Transportation: Take the F, G or R train to 4th Ave – 9th St station.
Or a short cab ride via Battery Tunnel from Manhattan.

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