Introduction to Knife Making


This workshop focuses on teaching basic knife making skills in two sessions.


Workshop Overview

This workshop focuses on teaching basic knife making skills in two sessions. In the first session, the student will shape a piece of metal stock into a knife blank, file a bezel for and drill holes in the blank, before heat-treating and quenching the blade. This workshop will focus on learning the properties of steel, and applying these properties to the knife the student is making. The second session would focus on the finishing and aesthetics of the knife. The student would choose a grip style, wood type, and spend the session working the grip into the most comfortable shape and polishing the blade.

What you will learn

Most of the skills taught in this class are entry-level, and will easily be retained. The class, in two parts, teaches the student first about the properties of steel and how to work with it, opening the door to more advanced metalworking classes. The class also teaches the basics of design with respect to functionality – every student wants their knife to not only look excellent but also be a reliable tool for any occasion.


About Liam

After spending 4 years apprenticing with welders, blacksmiths, and motorcycle mechanics, Liam brings his metalworking knowledge to brooklyn, hoping to help others create things that are both beautiful and practical. He hopes to one day design and build rocket engines.



When and Where

When:   May 20 and May 27 11-3pm

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Where: CraftsmanAve Studio, 117B 11th street – Brooklyn, Gowanus.

Transportation: Take the F, G or R train to 4th Ave – 9th St station.
Or a short cab ride via Battery Tunnel from Manhattan.

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