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Learn the fundamentals of screen printing and go home with your very own print.

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Screen Printing is a simple and effective method of producing an unlimited number of virtually identical prints onto practically any surface. In this workshop, you will learn the steps involved in screen printing, from design conception to finished product. You’ll receive a materials list and instructions for screen printing, enabling you to continue making prints on your own.

How Screen Printing Works

Screen prints can easily be made on paper, fabric, t-shirts, tote bags, glass, and a variety of other materials. To make a print, first a fabric screen is stretched tightly onto a frame and coated with a photosensitive (light reactive) material.

Part of the screen is then blocked with a stencil and is exposed to light through a photo process, leaving your image on the screen. When ink is deposited onto the screen, it is pushed through with a squeegee, leaving the image on the printing surface.

Class Notes

In this introductory course, students will design and make their own single color prints on materials of their choosing. We’ll cover design programs, materials, technique and discuss multi-color, multi-layer designs so you can experiment on your own.


Skill Level:  Beginner — This course is best suited for beginners with little or no prior experience with screen printing.

What to Bring: Before class, please prepare a design to be screen printed. Bring your design to class along with shirts, fabric, colored paper, or anything else that you would like to print on besides white paper.

Your design should be no larger than 8×10″. Please print your designs in black with high contrast and free of any very fine lines. Artwork can be hand drawn with pen or marker, but students are encouraged to prepare their designs on a computer program like

Length:  3 hours give or take thirty minutes.

About Philip

Brooklyn based designer and printer Philip Sachs, is a self-taught screen printer that has been making prints for 15 years. His business, Sheepshead Design, hand prints items based on original artwork in small runs, resulting in truly one of a kind prints. Philip particularly enjoys screen printing because it combines a technical process with making art, requiring forethought and planning while still allowing for artistic experimentation with design, color, and materials.

When and Where

When:  New dates coming soon!

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Where: CraftsmanAve Studio, 117B 11th street – Brooklyn, Gowanus.

Transportation: Take the F, G or R train to 4th Ave – 9th St station.
Or a short cab ride via Battery Tunnel from Manhattan.

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