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Forge a Custom Knife (Introduction to Knifesmithing)

April 14 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Star in your own episode of “Forged in Fire”

This workshop will immerse you in the world of knifesmithing – the art, science, and practice of using heat and hammers (among with other tools) to shape steel. You will transform a piece of ordinary rebar (steel reinforcing rod) into a beautiful knife of your own design.

The first portion of this workshop will focus on heating and shaping the rebar with a hammer and anvil. You’ll heat up your steel in our propane forge until it’s red-hot then use a hammer and anvil to create the profile of your knife. Rinse, repeat until you have the shape you want. It’s a great workout!

After you’ve created the rough shape of your knife, you’ll use a grinder to refine the shape and form the bevel of your knife, which is the core of its cutting edge.

Finally, you’ll heat the knife up one more time and quench it in oil to harden the blade. This involves red-hot metal and usually a little fire when you dunk your knife into the oil. It’s the ultimate Instagrammable photo or video! Ever seen “Forged in Fire”? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

We’ll then take a break while your knife is tempered. You can relax in our lounge during this time or grab a bite a nearby eatery. We’ll then reconvene so you can put the finishing touches on your knife, including wrapping its handle and sharpening it to a razor’s edge.


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