Design and Sew a Custom Mask

We gotta wear ’em so you may as well wear one that’s comfortable and looks good!

Masks will be a part of our life for a while.  So why are you wearing that boring, uncomfortable one you bought at a bodega?  Learn how to make your own mask, that YOU design and build with your own hands!  

In this workshop, you’ll learn the skills to design and make TWO custom masks that fit your style and your face!  We’ll have templates for common mask designs in all sizes or you can create your own unique design.  We’ll also have lots of fabric to choose from or bring your own fabric for your masks (we recommend 100% cotton). 

Our craftspeople will guide you through the whole process, from design through construction.  After designing and preparing the fabric for your masks, you’ll learn how to use a sewing machine to turn your design into reality. 

This workshop will give you plenty of time to make your masks and you’ll be able to work at your own pace. Feel free to take a break during the workshop to grab a bite at a nearby eatery or relax in our lounge. Make a night of it!


What You’ll Be Making: TWO custom masks

What You’ll Be Doing: Cutting your design out of fabric, pinning it together and sewing it together using a sewing machine.

Skill Level : Beginner — no previous experience is required.

Length: 3 hours

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

Interested in booking this private workshop for you and your friends?