Handcraft a Wooden Spoon (Introduction to Wood Shaping)

Learn the fundamentals of wood shaping by crafting a custom wooden spoon

The art of wood carving has existed across cultures since man picked up the first tool. From holy Indigenous totems to hobbyist whittlers on Southern porches, the beauty of carved wood and the meditative nature of the craft continue to draw people to this art. With the right skills, some practice, and lots of patience, you can make just about anything out of wood.

In this workshop, you’ll learn and perfect the core skills of shaping wood by hand. You’ll be introduced to a variety of hand tools such as spokeshaves, carving gouges, files, and rasps and learn the skills needed to transform any piece of wood into something useful and beautiful. After shaping your spoon, you’ll learn the art of sanding and finishing to complete your useful and one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

This workshop is a journey into hand crafting – at times, it will no doubt test your patience. But for the most part, you’ll experience a quiet state of bliss as you hone your carving and shaping skills. We’re confident you’ll be proud of what you and your hands made!

What You’ll Be Making : A beautiful, custom, one-of-a-kind walnut spoon, suitable for use in your kitchen or simply being admired on a shelf.

What’s You’ll Be Doing: You’ll learn the fundamentals of shaping wood using only your hands and some simple hand tools. The skills you’ll learn in this workshop can be used to make most anything out of wood.

Skill Level: Beginner — no prior experience is required.

Length: 4 hours

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

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