Experience making
something beautiful

About Craftsman Ave

Our artists and craftspeople lead hands-on workshops, where you learn the skills they’ve honed over many years. Since our opening in 2015, our workshops have focused on many skills and experiences, including knife making, woodworking, chocolate making, welding, jewelry design, and leatherworking, among many other things.

Each hands-on experience gives you the freedom to explore a new passion, create something of your own, and allows you to join our community of makers and creators.

Our classes usually run from  2-4.5 hours and are taught by experienced makers that live and thrive in Brooklyn.  No class has more than eight students, meaning plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor and room to connect with other makers in the studio.

We envision bringing creatives together in an environment that is inspirational, fun, and supportive.

Craftsman Ave