Introduction to Knife Making

Learn the fundamentals of knife making by making one from scratch!

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of knife making in two 4 hour sessions. You’ll start with a raw piece of annealed tool steel, which you’ll shape and polish into a useful addition to your kitchen. We guarantee food made with your knife will taste even better!

In the first session of this workshop, you’ll choose the basic design of your knife – either a classic French Chef, a vegetable slicer, a cleaver or a utility/hunting knife. You can then customize and scale your design so your knife perfectly fits your hand. Next you’ll apply your design to the tool steel, which you’ll cut, shape and polish using various hand and power tools. By the end of the first session, your knife will be ready for hardening and tempering by one of our craftspeople before you return for the second session.

In the second session, you’ll build a custom brass-pinned hardwood handle for your knife and polish your blade until its a work of art. Finally, you’ll sharpen your blade to a razor’s edge using diamond whetstones.


Skill Level : Beginner — no prior experience is required. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the core concepts of knife making – profiling, beveling, polishing, handle-making and sharpening.

Tools and techniques : You will use various hand tools to shape your knife, including hacksaws, files, and sanding blocks. You’ll also use belt sanders and rotary tools to make your knife.

Length: 2 sessions, 4 hours/session, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

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