Best Date Night Idea Ever!

Make something beautiful… TOGETHER

These days, finding a unique, safe, and fun NYC date night ideas is no small challenge. Craftsman Ave’s Date Night series is designed to give you and your sweetheart a cozy environment to learn practical skills and create something TOGETHER.

We’re focusing our Date Nights on several different experiences, described below (the dates for each can be found further down this page):

Forge a Survival Knife – Ever seen the show “Forged in Fire”? That’s EXACTLY what you’ll be doing in this workshop!

Build a Custom Copper Lamp – This is one of our most loved workshops, where you and your guest will design and build a one-of-a-kind lamp that will attract attention wherever it’s placed.

Make a Side Table – Learn the fundamentals of furniture making by crafting a side table. Lots of sawdust will be made as you learn how to use a miter saw, a router table, and a table saw, as well as the “elbow grease” needed to make beautiful furniture.

Weld and Craft a Steel Rose – This is the most Date-Night-y of our Date Nights. You and your guest will learn how to MIG weld and you’ll ALSO learn how to work together to shape your one-of-a-kind steel. This workshop involves LOTS of fire and LOTS of teamwork!

Make a Steel Planter Box – This workshop also involves lots of fire and sparks! You and your better half with learn how to MIG weld and then get LOTS of time to hone your skills as you create a memorable home for your favorite vegetation!

Make a Stained Glass Work of Art – You and your guest will create your own design and our artists will help you make it IRL!

Make a Classic Longboard – This workshop is an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of woodworking. You and your guest will design and craft your custom deck and assemble its running gear to make your one-of-a-kind “DIY Transportation Device”

After finishing your masterpiece (and putting down any potentially dangerous tools you might have been using), we’ll bring you a bottle of wine from Gowanus Wine Merchants and a pizza from Table 87, which you can enjoy at your workbench or in our lounge.

Your hunt for the best NYC Date Night idea is over!

What You’ll Be Making : Depending on which date you choose, either a Custom Lamp Copper Lamp, a Side Table, a hand-forged Survival Knife, a custom Steel Planter, a Stained Glass Work of Art or a one-of-a-kind Steel Rose.

What’s You’ll Be Doing: Various hand and power tools, depending on the workshop you choose. Some of our Date Nights include aspects of “playing with fire” (an open flame torch, a knife forge, or a MIG welder).

Skill Level : Beginner — no prior experience is required. Date Nights are designed to be fun “adventures in the industrial arts” that give you hands-on experience with the tools and skills craftspeople use to make beautiful things.

Length: 4 hours (Survival Knife sometimes takes up to 5 hours)

Class size: 4 couples, each seated at their own private table.

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Had an amazing time with my partner for their Date Night event. We made a steel rose and enjoyed delicious pizza and wine afterward. The staff there was so accommodating, friendly, and welcoming, and made it such a joy to learn a seemingly intimidating skill. We can’t wait to go back for their other classes. Highly recommend if you want a fun and interesting date night experience in a beautiful space!

-Rebecca S.