Team Building Activities

A different team experience

Why Craftsman Ave? Why now?

In our hands-on team building activities & workshops your group will gain confidence and create deeper connections in a welcoming, supportive environment. And your team members will take home something they made, which will remind them of the experience for years to come!

While we’ve learned that work is possible without physically being together, people miss office friendships. A workshop at Craftsman Ave brings people together and creates a sense of common purpose. We can even supply a projector, speedy WiFi and printers if you want to come a little early and meet in our space.

Think face-to-face is important? So do we. There’s nothing quite like making time to tinker and create, to stimulate conversation and connection amongst your team. Most teams need to actually know each other in order to perform at the highest level.

The struggle is real. You need this if…

  • If you’ve recently added new team members who haven’t met everyone “in person” yet, a Team Building Workshop might just be the answer.
  • If your team is feeling anxious about an upcoming project, a morning or afternoon away from email, Slack, and all the other distractions at the office can be a huge creative boost.
  • If you’re wondering what natural roles people play in group settings in order to better align our resources, you may find out in our fun, low stress workshop environment.
  • If you are tired of pretending to “do strategic planning” only to ignore the outcome of an entire day’s work maybe you should skip it – at least for now. Instead, why not create space for light hearted fun your team can relax into and re-energize.

How it Works

We provide everything you need, just bring your team.

It’s simple! Check out open dates and times for team building workshops, reserve the 3 hours that work best for your team, then we’ll be in touch to help you decide which workshop is a good fit.

Team Projects

Our 1500sqft space is perfect for hosting collaborative team building activities & workshops!
(Imagine gamified team-building with power tools!)

What companies are saying:

My team had a blast and I’m going to highly recommend other teams come see you guys!


Working with the team at Craftsman was second to none. I first visited the studio with my boyfriend on a date and realized how much fun working with fire could be, but more importantly, the feeling the team gave me of accomplishing something I’ve never done before was a feeling I wanted to pass onto my team at work. A few months later, the team at Craftsman helped me organize an incredible successful offsite building lamps with my work team. They were all supported every step of the way and we were able to really build our meeting theme around lighting up our lamps and working together through difficult times. It was perfect and I couldn’t have imagined a better offsite event that allowed my team to feel accomplished and also to leave with a souvenir that would always remind them of this awesome time together. Will definitely come back and try out other workshops with family and friends.


Thank you again for such an amazing holiday event. We couldn’t have asked for it to go any better or have a better experience anywhere doing anything.


I just wanted to follow up and say what a great time our team had at Craftsman Ave. I foresee other MongoDB teams reaching out to you for classes as well 🙂


I’ve heard nothing but great things about the workshop.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you did for the event!!!! Teachers were SO EXCITED, and we had the best time!!!! If there is anywhere, I can leave a review please let me know I would love to!


Amazing place, amazing people. Without question best work event I’ve ever been to.



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