Make a Custom Chef Knife

custom knives with wooden handles on sheet of leather

Learn the fundamentals of knife making by designing and making one from scratch!


Skill Level : Beginner — no prior experience is required. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the core concepts of knife making – profiling, beveling, polishing, handle-making and sharpening.

Tools and techniques : You will use various hand tools to shape your knife, including hacksaws, files, and sanding blocks. You’ll also use belt sanders and rotary tools to make your knife.

Length: One 8 hour session with a 45 min meal break, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: ~8 people

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Guest – $385 per person: You will design and make one knife. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Buddy Up – $495: You and a friend will design and make ONE knife together. At least one person must be 18+. 

Buddy Up+ – $615: You and a friend will EACH design and make one knife. At least one person must be 18+. 

Date Night – $565: You and your guest will design and make ONE knife together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop. At least one person must be 18+. 

Date Night+ – $685: You and your guest will EACH design and make one knife and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop. At least one person must be 18+. 


This workshop is pretty much the same as what’s described on this page but the work is broken into two 4 hour sessions instead of one 8 hour session in a single day. THE FIRST SESSION BEGINS AT THE DATE/TIME LISTED ON THE EVENT LISTED IN THE CALENDAR. THE SECOND SESSION WILL BEGIN AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME DAY OF THE FOLLOWING WEEK.

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Have you ever wondered what kind of person handcrafts their own kitchen knives? It may sound like the stuff of legends, but after this workshop, that person will be YOU!  This workshop will teach you all the skills needed to design and make a custom knife a professional chef would be proud to call their own. 

This workshop is focused on the reductive/stock-removal knife making technique*.  We’ll provide you with a bar of high-carbon tool steel and then teach you how to cut, grind, shape, and polish it, all at room temperature, into a custom knife that rivals most cutlery you’ll find in stores. 

You can choose from several classic knife designs – a french chef, a vegetable slicer, a mini cleaver, or an all-purpose “3 virtue” Santoku.  If you prefer to leave the cooking to restaurant professionals, you can make a sexy Bowie Knife for your next hunting expedition or trip to a sketchy part of town. 

And the best part?  You can customize your knife’s design, including sizing the handle so it fits perfectly in your hand.  If a dinner guest isn’t impressed by you preparing the meal with a knife you made with your own hands, that person doesn’t deserve to break bread with you. 

In the first half of the workshop, you’ll craft your knife’s profile and cutting edge and drill the holes for the pins that will adorn your knife’s handle, using various hand and power tools.  Once that’s done, you’ll heat your knife in our forge and then quench it in oil to harden the steel so it fears no fish, fowl, meat, or bone it encounters in its future.  Ever seen contestants in the “Forged in Fire” TV show quench their knives? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing! 

You’ll then give your knife a short rest in our tempering oven while you bask in the glory of your bad-ass-ness and grab a slice from the yummy pizza place around the corner (or something else from the many Park Slope eateries nearby). 

We’ll reconvene about 45 minutes after the quench  for the second half of the workshop.  During this time, you’ll clean and polish your blade and install custom brass-pinned hardwood scales to form your knife’s handle, which you’ll shape and refine until it fits your hand like a glove.  Once that’s done, you’ll apply a protective finish on your handle, sharpen the blade to a razor’s edge, and celebrate the addition of “bladesmith” to your arsenal of skills! 

* Another method for making knives is forging.  Think: Red hot metal, hammers, and anvils – heat, beat, repeat.  If that’s of interest to you, check out our “Forge a Survival Knife” workshop.