Weld a Steel Rose

Steel roses made in welding class at Craftsman Ave

Create a one-of-a-kind steel rose, welded together and personalized by you

What You’ll Be Making : A handcrafted rose made of steel. Maybe even two of them, if time permits.

What You’ll Be Doing: MIG welding the pedals to the stem and using an open flame torch to shape them.

Skill Level : Beginner — no previous experience is required.

Length: 4 hours

Class size: Usually no more than 8-10 people


$240 per person: You will make at a least one rose.

Buddy Up! – $295: You and a guest will make at least one rose together.

Date Night couple – $345: You and your guest will make at least one rose together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop.

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In this workshop, you will create a truly timeless rose. Your rose will never die and will always be in bloom because you’ll create it out of steel.

You’ll begin this workshop by preparing the petals of your rose for welding, including engraving them as you see fit, be it designs of your own creation or a love note to the person you plan on giving it to.

Our guides will then introduce you to art and science of MIG welding to attach your rose’s pedals to the stem. You’ll then use an open-flame torch to shape each pedal as you see fit, from a partially open bud to a full wide open in-bloom. You’ll repeat this process until your rose is complete.

Each guest will make and take home at least one rose. Guests are welcome to make a second rose if time allows.