Build a Custom Copper Lamp (Introduction to Copper Creations)

Learn the fundamentals of soldering by designing and building a one-of-a-kind copper pipe lamp

In this workshop, you’ll build a fully functional lamp that defies placement in any single style. It will be both modern and traditional, vintage and sleek, industrial and chic. Finished with an Edison bulb, it will stand out as a timeless piece in whatever setting it’s placed – on your desk, next to your bed or whatever part of your home that needs a little light and inspiration. It’s the ultimate conversation piece— the one you make yourself.

You’ll create the structure of your lamp using copper pipe and fittings which you’ll solder together using a propane torch. Copper pipe is usually used in building construction and plumbing, but it also serves as a perfect material for making a unique and beautiful lamp.

This is one of our most-loved workshops and is the gateway to our “Copper Creations” series. This workshop focuses on building one of three unique lamps designed by our craftspeople. The lamp you build in this workshop will give you the skills and experience to build just about anything using copper pipe and fittings (Wine racks! Shoe racks! Chandeliers!).

Once you pick the design for your lamp, you’ll learn to cut copper pipe to length and connect it using pipe fittings. You’ll then “play with fire” as our craftspeople teach you the art of “sweating a joint”, the open-flame soldering technique used to connect copper pipe and fittings.

Once you’ve assembled the body of your lamp, you’ll put the finishing touches on the lamp’s wiring, install its Edison Bulb, and “flip the switch”, turning on your masterpiece for the first time!


Skill Level : Beginner — no previous experience is required.

Tools and techniques : You’ll use some simple hand tools to cut copper pipe. We’ll then teach you the art of soldering, using a propane torch to connect the pieces of your lamp.

Length: 3 hours, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

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