Craft a Custom Leather Tote Bag (Introduction to Leatherwork)

Make a custom leather tote bag from scratch!

Leather goods have been used by humans as far back as 5,000 BCE when Egyptians crafted sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottles, and burial shrouds. In this dynamic workshop, you’ll use a variety of tools and materials and join the long history of leather craftspeople by creating your very own leather tote bag.

You will select a leather color that fits your unique style and then cut, punch, hammer, twist, and sew your way to a piece that will turn heads everywhere you go. You’ll become familiar with tools such as mallets, anvils, rivets, and our state-of-the-art Sailrite Sewing Machine.

Nothing can top the versatility of a leather tote bag, so if you’re at brunch or running errands around town when an admirer asks, “Where’d you get that bag?” you can proudly say “I made it!”

What You’ll Be Making : A handcrafted leather tote bag approximately 13″x11″x5″

What’s You’ll Be Doing: You will use a variety of common, as well as specialized tools to create your piece. Tools include mallet, hole punch, rivet setter, anvil, and industrial grade sewing machine. During this workshop you’ll be flexing your muscles and handling delicate thread, so prepare for a dynamic and fun time!

Skill Level : Beginner — no previous experience is required.

Length: 4 hours

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

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