Craft a Custom Monogram Keychain or Pendant (Intro to Jewelry Making)

three custom monogrammed gold keychains

Learn the core skills of jewelry making by crafting a monogram keychain

What You’ll Be Making : A beautiful brass monogram keychain or pendant.

What’s You’ll Be Doing: You will start by selecting a design that you like and transferring it to the piece of sheet metal. You will then use a drill and create internal starting points for piercing. Following the demonstration, you will learn how to operate jeweler’s saw to cut out your design. Next, you will use needle files and sandpaper to finish your piece. And finally, you will attach you monogram to the keyring (if using) and marvel at the elaborate design that you produced despite being a beginner.

Skill Level: Beginner — no prior experience is required. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the core concepts of jewelry design and metal cutting.

Length: 4 hours

Class size: 4 – 6 people.


$245 per person: You will design and make one keychain or pendant.

Buddy Up! – $305: You and a guest will design and make one keychain or pendant together.

Date Night couple – $355: You and your guest will design and make one keychain or pendant together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop.

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Since it’s invention during the Italian Renaissance, the Jeweler’s Piercing Saw has been the most essential tool in a jeweler’s kit. With this tool, some training from our craftspeople, and lots of practice, you’ll have the core skills required to make your own jewelry.

This workshop focuses on the Jeweler’s Piercing Saw – what it does and how to use it properly, including lots of “pro tips” that will make you very proficient in its use. Using these skills, you will experience the magic of turning a piece of jeweler’s brass into an intricate monogram keychain or pendant.

We will provide materials, tools and a selection of monogram designs. You are welcome to bring your own interlacing monogram, logo or pattern of
about 1 1/2” in diameter, and we will help you create it.

This workshop may test your patience at times or it may put you in the state of quiet bliss but one thing is certain: you will learn some new skills and you’ll leave with a beautiful, hand-crafted monogram keychain or pendant for yourself or a loved one.