Pimp Your Side Table! (AKA Side Table Part 2)

Industrial Nightstand with Built In Copper Lamp with Edison Bulb

Trick out that beautiful table you made with a one-of-a-kind built-in lamp and a phone charger!

What You’ll Be Making : Upgrading the side table you made in our “Craft a Side Table” workshop by giving it light-producing and phone-charging super powers.

What’s You’ll Be Doing: Applying wood stain, cutting and soldering copper pipe, and drilling holes.

Skill Level : Assuming you’ve completed our “Make a Small Table” workshop, you’ll be in great shape to do the things involved in this workshop.

Length: 4 hours

Class size: 6-8 people usually


$245 per person: You will pimp one side table.

Buddy Up! – $305: You and a guest will pimp one side table together.

Date Night couple – $355: You and your guest will pimp one side table together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop.

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You know that cool little table you built in our “Craft a Side Table” workshop here at Craftsman Ave? This workshop is all about bringing that table back to its birthplace for a sweet paint job (stain, actually) and installing some bad-ass rims and a killer sound system (in reality, you’ll be making a custom copper lamp that you’ll mount into your table, along with a wireless phone charger. We just said that other stuff to drive home the whole “Pimp your Ride” analogy)

This workshop starts with putting the finishing touches on your table’s wood – a little sanding here, a little putty there, followed by applying some stain to really make the wood grain “pop”.

Then, while the stain is drying, we’ll turn our focus to designing and building the lamp that will adorn your now-even-more-beautiful table. This part of the workshop is stolen from our very popular “Build a Custom Copper Lamp” workshop. After sketching your lamp’s design. we’ll teach you how to cut the copper pipe needed for your design. You’ll then learn how to “play with fire” using an open flame torch to solder it all together. Have your camera ready because the photos during this part of the workshop are just begging to be on Instagram!

Once all that’s done, we’ll put everything together to create the ultimate, multi-functional side table – It’s beautiful! It provides yummy soft light in your abode! It charges your phone! It holds up your cocktail! And YOU made it!