Hybrid Workshop: Frankentable – It’s a table! It’s a lamp! It’s a phone charger!

Industrial Nightstand with Built In Copper Lamp with Edison Bulb

Trick out that beautiful table you made with a one-of-a-kind built-in lamp and a phone charger to boot!

What You’ll Be Making : The ultimate do-everything table

What’s You’ll Be Doing: Drilling holes in your table’s top and open-flame soldering a custom copper lamp to adorn your table.

Skill Level : Beginner/intermediate making skills. Ideally you will have completed our “Make a Small Table” workshop but if you’re the adventurous type, feel free to bring your own small table to be transformed into a Frankentable!

Length: 4 hours

Class size: 4 – 6 people.


$245 per person

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You know that cool little table you built in our “Craft a Side Table” workshop here at Craftsman Ave? Make your table even cooler by adding a custom copper lamp and built-in wireless phone charger!

In this workshop, you’ll bring your table back to its birthplace for some upgrades. First, you’ll design and build a custom copper lamp that you’ll then mount into the top of the table. You’ll then add a wireless phone charger to the mix, creating the ultimate bedside table! A beautiful bedside lamp, a charged phone, and a place to put your bedtime beverage – what else do you want??

This workshop muddies the lines between woodwork and metal work. You’ll use a drill-press to make some modifications to your table and then you’ll break out the fire to solder the joints of the copper lamp you design.