Introduction to Modern Woodworking


Students will make a small table suitable for use as a planter or side table. It will be constructed out of oak using half-lap joints to create a flush assembly. The style is contemporary and minimalist, so it should fit well with any existing interior design.


Woodworking is the original age-old craft and one of the most versatile skills. With some woodworking know-how and the right tools, you can create anything.

This workshop introduces students to modern woodworking through an immersive experience of crafting fine wooden furniture. It is designed for beginners who want to get a hands-on introduction to woodworking and take home a beautiful product.

After a brief survey of principles and process, students will dive into their projects to make a small wood table. Our work will focus on joinery: measuring, cutting, and assembling wood connections.


Skill Level : Beginner — This course is best suited for beginners with little or no prior experience in woodworking.

Tools and techniques : We will primarily use power tools (a table saw, drills, etc) with some assistance from traditional hand tools (chisels, planes, etc).

Length: 4 hours, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: 6 – 8 people.

When: Most Saturdays, 1-5 pm, most Wednesdays, 6-10 pm

Where: CraftsmanAve Studio, 117B 11th street – Brooklyn, Gowanus.