Make a Steel Planter Box (Introduction to Welding and Metal Fabrication)

Learn the fundamentals of metal fabrication and welding by building a small metal planter.

Put on your helmets and make sparks fly!

If you’ve ever admired the wizardry of a welder at work, this class is for you. In one evening, you can gain entry into the world of metal fabrication, learning from masters to make your own metal work and emerge stronger, faster, smarter – or at least with awesome, fiery new skills! Be the wizard.

This workshop will introduce you to the core skills used in metal fabrication – cutting, welding and grinding – through the guided creation of a small minimalist planter. Mentored by an expert craftsperson, you’ll get LOTS of hands-on experience with all the tools needed to cut, shape, weld, and polish steel. You’ll practice and develop your skills and artistry, and apply them to creating your own custom, practical, and beautiful finished work to take home.

Finally, you’ll be able to personalize your planter’s features, including it’s “feet” and finish. For example, you can choose to leave your planter “clean and shiny” or use our engravers to personalize it however you see fit.

This workshop will push you to work hard so you can get those great rewards – new competence, new creation, new confidence. Whether you are already familiar with some power tools or a total novice, you will emerge with greater comfort in the shop and new skills. Whether this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience or the beginning of a love affair with metal, you will take home a cool, custom object, learn something new and different, and have a good time. Get in there and make some sparks fly!


Skill Level : Beginner — This course is designed for beginners with little or no prior metal fabrication experience.

Tools and techniques : You’ll get lots of hands-on time with a MIG welder, as well as angle grinders and various hand tools.

Length: 4 hours, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: 4 – 6 people.

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