Weld a Steel Planter Box (Intro to Welding and Metal Fabrication)

Learn the fundamentals of metal fabrication and welding by building a small metal planter.


Skill Level : Beginner — This course is designed for beginners with little or no prior metal fabrication experience.

Tools and techniques : You’ll get lots of hands-on time with a MIG welder, angle grinders, and various hand tools.

Length: 4 hours, give or take thirty minutes.

Class size: ~8 people.


$245 per person: You will make one planter.

Buddy Up! – $325: You and a guest will make one planter together.

Date Night couple – $375: You and your guest will make one planter together and get a pizza and a bottle of wine to share during the workshop.

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Welding seems like a historically reliable way to be a badass.

Rosie the Riveter, the photo of the group of men eating sandwiches on a steel beam while building the Empire State Building, the existence of the Eiffel Tower, or any movie montage where a rag-tag bunch of underdogs have to prepare and defeat/save something; all show the significance of welding to our world.

But how do you learn to weld? Do you tinker in your studio apartment?

Heavens no! Welding involves fire and the possibility of injury.

The best, friendliest, safest, and most artsy way to learn welding through metal fabrication is through a single workshop at Craftsman Ave.

In just one evening, you get a hands-on introduction to metal fabrication as you practice cutting, welding, and grinding to create a small minimalist planter. 

At every phase, you will be closely mentored by an expert craftsperson (we call them “guides” for this reason) as you safely cut, shape, weld, and polish steel.

After the “making” phase, you can give your planter some flair with our engraving tools or just leave it plain and minimal. 

Whether it becomes home to a collection of writing implements or a hearty succulent, the steel planter you weld will stand as a monument to your badassery forever.